The Forum will include three workshops for attendees to choose one to attend on the opening day.

An Introduction to Redesign

Presented by the Agency for Clinical Innovation, Centre for Healthcare Redesign

A four hour workshop to provide an overview of applying the redesign methodology to improve services and innovate to better meet the needs of consumers.

Improving Quality: Safety and Improvement Essentials

A four hour workshop to provide an overview improving quality and safety in mental health care and the  model for improvement to innovate safely to improve consumer outcomes.

Outcome: After the workshops participants will:

  • Gain experience in how to apply the Model for Improvement
  • Identify three improvement tools
  • Gain experience in rapid testing PDSAs
  • Understand the key elements of interpreting data to drive improvement
Session Content  Activities 
Improving Quality 
  • Overview of improving quality and safety
  • What is harm?
  • “What matters to me” and the Dimensions of Quality

“I had a dream…”/

“What matters to me?”

Local Innovation, Local Improvement 
  • Overview of Improvement Science methodology and the Model for Improvement 
  • Improvement tools to use tomorrow
  • Small and rapid – Learning through the process

Improvement Tools

Rapid testing PDSAs

Learning and Success – Understanding Variation 
  • What does success look like? 
  • What story does your data tell you?
  • Demonstrating reliability 
  • Are we there yet? Knowing when to celebrate 
Practical session on interpreting data 

Influencing and Getting Results – tools and strategies to transform mindsets, capabilities and outcomes

Details to come


SAIF20 is a national mental health forum to drive quality and safety in mental health care. SAIF20 will provide the opportunity for delegates to hear about international perspectives and solutions and exchange ideas and experiences for collaboration in innovative safe mental health care. The Forum will foster communication and networking among consumers, carers, researchers and practitioners working in a wide variety of mental health settings with a common interest in providing quality and safety in mental health care and related techniques.

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